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Testing Service
  Adhesives & Paints Testing
  Ambient Air Quality Testing
  Ayush Pharma Testing
  Biocides Test
  Bio Medical Waste
  Building Materiel Testing

Chemical Testing

  Coal Testing
  Cosmetics Product Testing
  Domestic Electronic Appliances
  Effluent Treatment Plant
  Electrical Cables Testing
  Electrical Conductors Testing
  Electrical Solid Insulting Material
  Electronic Safety Testing
  Electronic Component Test
  Electrical Studies
  Face Mask Testing
  Fertilizer Testing
  Fire Extinguishers
  Gamma Radiation Sterilization Lab
  Geotechnical Engineering
  Hazardes Waste Testing
  Inter Granular Corrosion Test
  Indoor & Compressed Air Testing
  Leather Testing
  Light Intensity Testing
  Liquid Dielectric Materials

Medical Devices Testing

  Medical Electrical Equipment Test
  Metals & Allow Testing
  Micro Testing
  Mineral & Ore Testing
  Molecular Biology Test
  Muncipal Solid Waste-MSW
  Noise Testing
  Non Destructive Testing
  Paper Testing
  Pesticides & Its Formulations
  Petroleum Testing
  Pulp Papers Testing
  Pumpsets & Motors Testing
  Rider & Safety Helmet Testing

Rubber & Polymers Testing

  Sanitizer Testing
  Sewage Treatment Plant
  Soaps & Detergents Testing
  Testing Of Different It Products
  Paint & Surface Coatings Testing
  Toys Testing
  Tyre Testing
  Vibration Noise Testing
  Water Closet & Sanitary Wares Test
  Wood & Wooden Products Testing

Environmental Testing

The environment is a complex composition of physical, chemical and biological factors that determine not just the form but the survival to, of an ecological community. The physical environment comprises to the climate atmosphere, hydrosphere, ocean and the continental landform. The addition of any energy or substance to the environment in such a rate and amount that it can harm the ecological community or an organism is known as environmental pollution. To combat this pollution several methods are undertaken because a clean environment is pre-requisite for a healthy life.

Creative Analytical Lab and Consultant is NABL accredited and MoEF&CC certified and plays a major role in ensuring a safe and healthy environment by providing environmental testing services that include testing of the following:

  • Ambient air testing
  • Boiler Stack
  • Compressed air
  • Drinking water & raw water testing
  • Dust Collector Stack
  • Emissions testing
  • Face Mask Testing
  • Furnace Stack
  • Industrial Effluent /Sewage testing for all parameters
  • Light intensity testing (Instant & Data-logging)
  • Lux Level
  • Meteorological parameters
  • Oil & waste oil
  • Sanitizer Testing
  • Shop floor air testing for fugitive emissions
  • Sludge / Solid waste testing
  • Sludge Testing
  • Soil testing for micro-nutrients
  • Sound level testing (Data-logging, leq, Doze)
  • Work Zone Air

Our experts and professionals provide services of high quality and accuracy for the assessment of the quality of environmental components and their health impact on the surrounding ecosystem. Our laboratory conducts comprehensive testing, monitoring and consultation to a wide array of companies. Through unmatched research and development expertise, we provide the best in class solutions to our clients.

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