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Electrical Studies
Electrical Section is equipped with the State-of-the-art facilities to undertake assignments of various electrical studies for electrical fittings including electrical appliances. It has well qualified and trained scientists for its operations including calculation of Measurement Uncertainty (MU) and is imparting training to the scientists of various organizations. This section provides electrical analysis within specified time and to the satisfaction of the customers.

The activity pertaining to electrical helps the end user:

  • To ensure that products are manufactured to specifications.
  • To demonstrate that the industry operates a quality system and technically competent.
  • To increase quality & value of product by taking appropriate steps on the basis of analysis report.
  • Acceptability of the product.

CAL laboratory provides prompt, precise, accurate and dependable analytical services, in the field of electrical studies, to a wide spectrum of National and International Agencies in the following areas.

  • Electrical and Communication Cables
  • Enameled Winding Wires
  •  A.C.S.R.
  •  Earthing Rods and Strips
  •  Pressure Sensitive Self Adhesive PVC Tapes
  •  Miniature Circuit Breakers
  •  Electrical Accessories
  •  Conduits
  •  Switches
  •  Plugs
  •  Socket Outlets
  •  Lamp Holders
  •  Electrical Home Appliances
  •  Refrigerators
  •  Stationary Storage Type Water Heaters
  •  Instantaneous water heaters
  •  Mineral filled Sheathed Heating Elements
  •  Immersion water heater
  • Electrical Iron
  •  Different Insulation Material
  • Fuse Base & Fuses
  • Lamps & Luminaries
  •  Fans (Ceiling, Table, Pedestal, Propeller Type AC Ventilating & Railway Carriage)
  •  Electronic Ballast
  • Lead Acid Batteries
  • Instrumentation
  • There is a wide range of modern and sophisticated instruments available for electrical analysis including:
  • Air oven
  • High Voltage Tester (AC)
  • High Voltage Tester (DC)
  • Energy meter
  • Million Mega Ohm Meter
  • Kelvin Double bridge
  • Micrometer
  • Micro Ohm meter
  • Multimeter
  • Thermometer
  • Thermal stability apparatus
  • Temperature scanner
  • Vernier caliper
  • Water bath
  • Weight box
  • Stop Watch
  • UTM
  • Steel scale
  • Measuring tape
  • GO – NO Go gauges for conduits
  • Lamp holder for torque test
  • Height gauge
  • Photometric integrator and test panel
  • Ball pressure apparatus
  • IP protection chamber
  • Cord grip apparatus
  • Facility for Air Delivery of Fans
  • Safety test panel
  • Test corner for standing loss of geyser
  • Battery charger & discharger
  • Abrasion tester
  • Flammability test apparatus
  • Oxygen and temperature index apparatus
  • Smoke density test apparatus
  • Gas evolution apparatus
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