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Light Intensity Testing(Lux)

As per CPCB,all industries or offices have to provide  light intensity as per CPCB  limits .Light Intensity is the number of photons falling on a certain area within some time interval.Human vision depends on light.Light reflects off surfaces into the eyes, passing through the cornea and pupil to form an image on the retina.The eye is sensitive to a very wide range of light intensity but at low levels loses the ability to discern detail.That’s why precision work like surgery,measurement or assembly is best done under bright light.

Working under poor lighting causes fatigue and mistakes.Industrial accidents are more common when light levels are low. In addition,good light intensity determines how well people can observe a show & take quality photographs from measuring the amount of light in a work space surface to ensuring emergency exits have proper illumination,light measurement and analysis is an important step in ensuring efficiency and safety.

To perform these measurements, technicians often make use of lux meters which are specialized devices that measure the intensity of light falling on a surface, or "Lux."

CALC has the facility to detect light intensity and give reliable data according to client requirement.

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