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Indoor & Compressed Air Testing
We tend to consider air pollution mainly as that of the air outside which gets polluted due to vehicular and industrial emissions and several other factors. We are usually unaware or oblivious of the fact that air inside the building we live in can also cause severe health impacts either soon after exposure or years later. Research has proved that indoor air pollution could have more severe impacts on health than outdoor air.

So, the inside air of your home may be polluted with contaminants like formaldehyde, lead, radon, tobacco smoke, pesticides, carbon monoxide, asbestos, fire-retardants, volatile chemicals, dust mites, molds, pollen and pet dander. Indoor air pollutants are one of the major reasons that cause asthma in people years after repeated exposure.

People staying both at home and working in offices are in constant exposure to indoor air pollutants. This might cause sick building syndrome to develop, the exact cause of which may not be traced out. Several respiratory diseases and cancer can cause much later due to exposure to indoor air pollutants.
This necessitates the need to test the quality of air inside buildings from time to time for the well -being of its occupants. Creative Analytical Lab and Consultant is NABL accredited and MoEF & CC certified to carry out Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) tests anywhere in the country. Our trained experts and experienced professionals conduct IAQ tests as per OSHA and NIOSH requirements.
We test your indoor air quality with the help of air quality monitoring equipment. One such equipment is Indoor Air Quality Sensor. The sensor detects some of the physical attributes of the environment like temperature, light, motion etc and some core categories of chemicals like carbon monoxide, particulate matter, VOCs, humidity, formaldehyde and radon. These sensors are placed throughout the building, typically on wall mount to avoid direct sunlight, floor fans, personal heaters or induction units.

  • Some of the parameters recommended for indoor air quality are:
  • Carbon Monoxide should be less than 9 ppm
  • PM10 should be 50ug/m3 and PM2.5 should be 15 ug/m3
  • Formaldehyde should be less than 27 ppb
  • VOCs should be less than 500 ug/ m3
  • CO2 should be approximately 700 ppm above outdoor air levels (ASHRAE)
  • The temperature should be 68.5⁰F to 74⁰F (winter) and 75⁰F to 80.5⁰F (summer) (ASHRAE)
  • Humidity should be below 60%, ideally 30% to 50% (EPA)

Compressed air, a gas mixture, is oftentimes considered a free commodity. This mixture of gases is put under extreme pressure and has applications in air rifles, tire pumps, aerosol cheese, jackhammers etc. Despite being inexpensive and inefficient, this is widely used in several commercial and manufacturing applications. Hence, this calls for testing of the compressed air so that it is free of contaminants which are mainly oil, water and other particles.

Compressed Air testing involves two methods:
  1. ISO 8573 Testing
  2. Breathing Air Testing
As a NABL accredited and MoEF&CC certified laboratory we conduct both the aforementioned tests for compressed air in industries all over India.
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