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Leather Testing

Leather goods, including clothing, belts, as well as small goods, are not only high value items, but are also highly variable in terms of species, types of leather, dyeing / colour, chemicals employed in finishing and microbiological activity. The main objective of chemical testing of leather is the qualitative/quantitative analysis of eco-sensitive chemicals, which include some banned chemical compounds like azo dyes, pentachlorophenol etc. Hence, testing of leather products involves verifying its performance through various physical tests, and also ascertaining that the product is environment friendly, which is done through chemical tests. We are experts in all types of leather testing for example rubfastness tests, lightfastness tests, water spotting, finish adhesion, tear strength etc. In addition our experience of different materials and chemical testing means that we ensure the appropriate test methods are used at all times. We can set leather product performance specifications for members on request to ensure appropriate performance from leather and finished product.

We are testing following test in leather products-

Leather Products

  • Leather shoes, boots, moccasins, sandals, and other leather footwear
  • Leather outer apparel, such as coats, jackets, dusters, vests, pants and chaps, gloves, hats, and more
  • Leather sporting and hunting gear, such as baseball gloves, pack bags and satchels, knife sheathes, rifle bags, slings, gun holsters, arm guards, finger tabs, and more
  • Leather equestrian goods, such as saddles, bridles, harnesses, leads, stirrups, and other tack
  • Leather accessories, such as briefcases, thick skin purses and wallets, messenger bags, duffel bags, cell phone and tablet covers, and more
  • Leather coated items, such as leather-bound books, leather-covered drinking vessels, writing instruments, desk accessories, technology covers on computers, tablets, and phones, and more
  • Leather antique and museum restoration pieces
Leather & Its Products :- Testing Parameters

  • Ash content
  • Apparent density
  • Volatile matter
  • Hide substance
  • Moisture content
  • pH value
  • Solvent extractable substance
  • Shrinkage temperature
  • Thickness
  • Water absorption
  • Water soluble matter
  • Azo Dyes
  • Hex. Chromium
  • Chromium Oxide
  • Shoe Flexing
  • Bond strength of laminated leather
  • Tensile strength & Elongation
  • Tear strength
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