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Building Materiel Testing

Creative Analytical Lab & Consultant have huge experience for testing of Building Material, Road Material, Metal & Alloys, Soil, Wood and wooden product,Bitumen & Bitumies product testing.Quality control can be achieved by testing of the building materials used in the construction such as cement,aggregate,steel,concrete,tiles,fly ash, bricks,stones & soil at regular intervals. CALC undertakes complete testing of the Cement,Steel, Aggregates,tile Bricks,Concrete, Bitumen,Admixture and all building stones. CALC undertakes the testing of the building materials as per relevant standards:
Cement :-
  1. OPC(Ordinary Portland Cement) -IS : 269 -2015
  2. PPC(Portland Pozolona Cement) - IS 1489 -2015
  3. WPC(White Portland Cement) IS 8042
  4. SRC(Sulphate Resistant Cement) IS 12330
  5. PSC(Portland Slag Cement) IS 455
  6. Fly Ash
  7. Micro silica.

Tiles :-

  1. Ceramic tiles - IS: 15622
  2. Acid Resistance tiles I 4457
  3. Terrazo tiles - IS: 1237
  4. Vitrified tiles - IS : 15622
  5. Chequered tiles IS 13801
  6. Chequered tiles

Building Stones :- Boulders,Granite,Limestone,Marble,Sandstone

Building Bricks :- Common Burnt clay bricks,Fly ash bricks,Acid Resistant bricks,Refractory bricks

Aggregates :-  Coarse aggregates,Fine aggregates

Steel :- GI Sheet,etc,Structural Steel,TMT,Wire

Paint :- Cement paint,Distemper,Enamel paint,Road marking paint,Texture paint

Concrete :- Concrete Block,Concrete Slab,Hardened Concrete,Paver block

Bitumen and Bitumen Product :- Cutback bitumen,Emulsion,Industrial Bitumen,Paving Bitumen

Admixture: IS: 9103-1999-Physical and Chemical Testing :- Ash Content,Chloride,Dry Material Content,pH value,Relative Density,Strenth,Setting Time

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