Creative Analytical Lab & Consultant is an ISO 9001:2008 certified pioneer consultancy organization in various sectors. Creative Analytical Lab & Consultant is a diversified consultancy company, which has been registered under the Companies Registration Act, 1956.The versatility of the company has enabled us to develop multifaceted expertise that has broadened our experience to match the demands of today.
Our mission is to provide accurate and timely technical assistance at a reasonable price.  We are committed to environmentally responsible operations, which include using natural resources wisely and considering the overall impact on the environment.
Creative Analytical Lab & Consultant is proud of its growth and the ongoing professional development of its staff. Recognizing the value of customer satisfaction, our goal is to provide exceptional service with quality results in a timely manner.
The Laboratory is extensively used for conducting Environmental Testing & Compliance Monitoring covering Ambient Air Analysis, Water Analysis, Soil Analysis and Noise level analysis. The Laboratory is open to all research scholars who wish to carry out their project(s). 
A group of consultants associated with organization and contribute their efforts to serve the nation for its economic development are derived from technical and non-technical subject areas. They include Scientists, Technical Experts, Civil Engineers (Civil, Power, Chemical etc.), Architects, Metallurgists, Hydro geologists, Ecologists, Sociologist, Social Scientists, experts on Mining, Risk & Safety, Meteorology & Environmental Pollution Control, Quality Control, Vital Statistics, Econometrics. The clients from all parts of the country benefit fromthe unique ability of Creative Analytical Lab & Consultant to bring clarity to issues through interaction of science, business and policy.
To the customers, Creative Analytical Lab & Consultantassures quality services and on time delivery of the output. Dedicated and highly experienced experts manage the project from beginning to end resolving quickly any hurdle faced in the way of its execution


Creative Analytical Lab & Consultant delivers innovative and responsive solutions based on clear understanding of the customer’s needs and objectives through analysis and application of sound scientific and engineering principles and at the same time taking the regulatory framework and the community & surroundings into consideration.


We are dedicated towards enhancing the customer experience by offering world-class proven product and trusted services that are safe, environment-friendly and are delivered with the state-of-the-art technology.




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