In the Microbiological Laboratory, all aspects related to the microbial contamination of food products are covered.
Our experienced technical personnel are supported by validated test methods, calibrated analytical equipment and facilities that operate to ensure accurate and reproducible data. Sample collection plays an extremely important role in the analysis of food, as sample integrity can have a major effect on the analytical results.
Our team of highly trained sample collection technicians follows stringent sampling procedures to ensure that the sample integrity is maintained right from collection till the sample reaches the laboratory for analysis.
Strict aseptic techniques are utilized for collection of samples for microbiological analysis. The laboratory follows national and international analytical methods for microbial analysis. Methods include BIS, APHA, USFDA (BAM) AOAC, & USDA. Edible Oil

Some of the following microbes are covered under the laboratory:

  1. Aerobic Microbial Count
  2. Algae
  3. Algae & Mould Spores
  4. Bioassay
  5. Clostidium Welchii
  6. Coliform
  7. Coliforms & E. Coli
  8. Cryptosporidium
  9. E. Coli
  10. Faecal Coliform
  11. Gelatine Liquefying
  12. Giardia
  13. Hetrotrophic Plate Count
  14. Iron Bacteria
  15. Legionella
  16. Protoelytic and Lipolytic Organisms
  17. Pseudomonas Aeruginos
  18. Salmonella
  19. Shigella
  20. Slime Forming Bacteria
  21. SPC & Coliform
  22. Staphylococus aureus
  23. Std. Plate Count
  24. Streptococcus faecalis
  25. Sulphite Reducing Aneorobes
  26. Sulphur Bacteria
  27. Total Plate Count
  28. Vibro Cholera
  29. Yeast & Mould

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