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Adhesives,Adhesives-Tapes,Paints,Varnishes & Related Products

Colors are playing very important role in our life.There are many  type of paints in available in market’s we have to need for testing paints also.  We have very much experience for Paints & Varnishes.This has also brought remarkable technological advancement in the Paints, Adhesives, Varnishes as well as various Coatings materials where wide-spread applications have emerged especially due to know-how transfer of work culture/environment thus high quality work atmosphere/life style.These products (materials) not only improve the Aesthetics, Ergonomics & Design of the products but also increases the durability and life of the products/surfaces where applied/used.

Thus looking into the market demand for testing labs to analyze these products.The existing test facility also includes test requirements for various Adhesives & Adhesive tapes that go hand in hand of Paints,Varnishes and related products.
Standard Title:-

  1. Paints and related materials:-  Methods of test -Dry Film Thickness-paint inspection gauge
  2. Adhesion(cross-cut)
  3. Adhesion(Pull-off test)
  4. Methods of test for metallic & related coatings Method:- Local thickness tests(Magnetic method)
  5. Methods of test for metallic & related coatings Method:- Local thickness tests (Magnetic induction and eddy current methods)
  6. Site testing of protective coatings Method:- Non-conductive coatings -Continuity testing - High voltage(brush)method
  7. Site testing of protective coatings Method 2:- Non-conductive coatings -Continuity testing (Wet sponge method)
  8. Site testing of protective coatings Method :- Determination of dry film thickness (Magnetic Instrument Method)
  9. Site testing of protective coatings method :- Determination of dry film thickness (Magnetic Induction and Eddy Current Methods)






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