Minerals & Ore testing

An Ore is one that may be used to obtain one or more metals. Most of them are metallic such as Galena, which is mined for lead. Few of them are non-metallic ores such as barite, calcite, kaolinite which are not mined for the minerals. Ores are tested for the minerals. CALC provide the facility for the testing of ores and minerals.Theaccuracyandprecisionofourlaboratoryregardingthesetestsiswidelyappreciatedbyourcustomers. CALC undertakes testing of the wide range of ores and minerals:

    • Limestone
    • Dolomite
    • Iron Ores like hematite and magnetite
    • Galena
    • Baryte
    • Bauxite
    • Silica Sand
    • Feldspar
    • Flourspar
    • Chrome Ore/Nickel oxide etc

    Testing Parameters:

    1. Loss on Ignition
    2. Iron oxide
    3. Calcium Oxide
    4. Sodium Oxide
    5. Potassium Oxide
    6. Silica
    7. Aluminum dioxide
    8. Titanium dioxide
    9. Barium Oxide
    10. Boron
    11. Cobalt
    12. Lead oxide
    13. Mercury
    14. Moisture
    15. Oil Absorption
    16. Bulk density
    17. Sulphates
    18. Copper
    19. Zinc
    20. Nicke

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